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The Brilliant Things Start an Irish Tour
30 March 2009

The Brilliant Things have started their first Irish tour and on drums with them is Geoffery French, Greg's cousin. The first two dates one in The Purty Loft in Monkstown on Friday 27th and the second on Saturday 28th was in Captian America's in Tallaght where the crowd were shouting for more and even dancing on the tables! A great weekend had by all and they are very excited to be on the road and hope to see everyone along the way.




Tara Blaise & The Brilliant Things at the Meteors Award
20 March 2009

Tara Blaise and The Brilliant Things attended the Meteor Awards and had a great night. Congratulations to Imelda May and all the other winners. It was a great night with great live performances and thanks to everyone who organised it.