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Recording for Mandela
1 August 2008

Windmill Lane Studios Dublin was the setting for a major recording date for the musicians of the Irish Film Orchestra this month, when the real work began on finishing John Hughes opus The Mandela Suite, a new piece of music written to commemorate the 90th birthday of the great statemen Nelson Mandela.
John Hughes first met Mr Mandela in 2000 when The Corrs were asked by the Mandela Foundation to play a free concert in London's Trafalgar Square. Since then the band, managed by John Hughes have been delighted to play on other occasions at the behest of Mandela, and it has always been an ambition of John Hughes to create a composition in his honour, with proceeds going to the Mandela Charity,
With Orchestration arranged by Fiachra Trench and production by Billy Farrell and John himself, the piece is scheduled for release around the end of the year.