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Tara plays Gay Pride
14 June 2008

Next Saturday, 21st June sees the finale of this year's 10-day Pride festival in Dublin, and at least 10,000 people are expected to descend on the city's civic offices for a colourfully outrageous post-parade rally. To be hosted by the enigmatic 'Miss Panti', the event will feature a live performance by Spokes own Tara Blaise, as well as sets from friend and colleague Brian Kennedy and Maria McKee. Pride is the second largest public parade behind the St Patrick's Day event, and is one of many taking place to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall Riots of New York. The climax will be a spectacular circus-themed party at the Tivoli.

Ton-up for the Monks
1 June 2008

Centenary celebrations are due for Spokes Records most unlikely chart heroes, The Monks Of Rosscrea. The Mount St. Joseph Abbey of Roscrea, which is home to the voices of Ireland's most successful (please take out this line) singing monks, has been a Cisterian College for a hundred years, with over 6,000 young men progressing through monastic orders at the Christian Abbey in that time.
The Monks scored an unprecedented success with the release of their first ever album Salve, back in 2004 and followed this up two years later with it's natural successor, Salve II.