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The Brilliant Things
15 May 2008

The Brilliant Things Want To Be Alone
Greg French and Marie Junior (aka The Brilliant Things) release the single Alone. Written and produced by Greg and The Corrs' hit-making knob-twiddler Olle Romo, the CD also includes a NeoSupervital dance remix. A leading UK radio promoter says: "At the moment radio here is looking for good intelligent pop and the Brilliant Things are perfect"
Listen to the dance mix here

Brills chosen for (Free!) Promo Video in New York
1 May 2008

The New York University-based Tisch School Of Performing Arts has collaborated with Ireland's legendary No.1 music mag Hot Press to create pop promo videos for nine Irish acts selected as the country's formost new musical prospects. The Tisch School has an incredible pedigree in film, counting Ang Lee, Oliver STone, Alec Baldwin, Spike Lee and Martin Scorcese among it's former students.
The Brilliant Things' new single Alone, was chosen by film student Michelle Hall, and the resulting clip can be seen here.