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Mark Edwards
1 April 2007

Mark Edwards album Balance has been around for a while now, and curious web-surfing music-lovers continue to find the finely crafted gems that comprise this lo-fi masterpiece.
Several visitors to Mark's MySpace page enquired about the inspiration was for the track There Is No Hope In Perfection. On his blog, Mark explains:

The title is taken from a quotation by the designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Except that i shortened and changed it slightly and then when i went to try and google the original to find it again, I couldn't.

Finally I've tracked it down.

What he said was:

"There is hope in honest error - none in the icy perfections of the stylist."

To me that says a lot about the way so much music is made today (the icy perfections) and the way it ought to be made (a few honest errors left in there).

Certainly there are plenty of errors and no perfection in my music, so it certainly applies.

In particular, while i was making the track THERE IS NO HOPE IN PERFECTION I kept finding an extra bar in there that I didn't mean to put in there, and was going to scrap the whole thing, but I knew I'd never be able to get those delays set up again just right, so I made the extra bar work, kind of.

So the quotation seemed to apply particularly well to this track.

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