Artist : The Mandela Suite

The Mandela Suite Biography

John Hughes first met Nelson Mandela during a charity event at which The Corrs,the band he has managed since 1990, were starring. Such was the impression that the great man made on Hughes, he has kept in touch with him and has returned to South Africa to visit him on various occasions. On a recent trip, however, he was to record sound effects which are to become an integral part of a major work-in-progress dedicated to the African statesman, The Mandela Suite. The Suite will be the flagship composition on an album of work influenced by three decades at the sharp end of the music business, a friend Bill Whelan, composer of Riverdance, has pledged support on all or any levels during which time, composer and arranger John Hughes has learnt much about the business of music, but much more about the power it has to inspire, heal and comfort.